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Visions from Mary is the first work of its kind. Following in the tradition of recent books containing "channeled" messages from Mary -- such as Mary's Message to the World by Kirkwood -- Visions is the first to combine messages and teachings with channeled visual art. This work represents what is arguably a fulfillment of Mary's pronouncements in the classic historic apparitions, in which She reportedly promised enduring signs of God's love. Indeed, Livingston's paintings and the attendant messages in Visions from Mary have been hailed as "the first enduring, multidimensional expression of Mary's message to the world."

Books about the apparitions of Mary have become immensely popular among Catholics and non-Catholics alike. And more recently, books that present presumed channeled messages from the Holy Mother have made Her seem more accessible than ever. This book offers such comforting, inspiring messages, and anchors these messages with original artwork inspired by the Holy Mother. This uniqueness should raise Visions from Mary to prominence in this field of expanding interest.

The layout of this book is particularly appealing. The 12 chapters revolve around the 12 color paintings that were commissioned over a period of several months. Each chapter begins with a black-and-white copy of the painting, and then includes a brief message from Mary that pertains to the subject matter of the painting. Michele then provides a description of the painting and some Biblical background on the topic. Each chapter then includes a detailed lesson from Mary, a meditation led by her, a prayer on the subject and, finally, a commentary from one of the three archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Color reproductions of the 12 paintings are included at the end of the book and are perforated for easy removal.

With an introduction by G. Scott Sparrow, author of Blessed Among Women (Three Rivers, 1998) and I Am with You Always (Bantam, 1995), and a Foreword By Jane Howard, author of Commune with the Angels (A.R.E. Press, 1992), Visions from Mary is well positioned to capture the interest of those who are interested in receiving divine guidance for their lives.

$20 Signed by Michele

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