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Michele A. Livingston is a spiritual medium endorsed by James Van Praagh who calls her a Trance Channel. Using these abilities, Michele was able to communicate with the souls of her departed relatives, clients, friends and other spirits to bring new insight and understanding of the Heavenly Realms. Not only what we experience, but what we may actually be doing when we finally make transition to the Other Side! Through actual communication with these souls that are now in Heaven, Michele brings new insight and understanding about what happens after we die. And it may not be what you think or believe! There is as much to do there spiritually as there is to do physically here on earth. We can teach, study, work and even create our own environments. Through actual dialogue from suicide victims, soldiers and well know celebrities, Michele was able to paint a picture of what we can expect, not only as we make transition, but as our life continues in the Soul Place, our True Home!

Internationally renowned clairvoyant and visionary, Michele A. Livingston, has compiled valuable information she has gleaned over the part 20 years. Most of these insights were received from her angelic guides, whom she calls the "Light Beings." The spiritual knowledge in "Messages from Beyond" will give you a new, enlightened perspective about yourself and the universe you inhabit.

Michele A. Livingston is a visionary counselor, artist, healer and author. She has given the world uplifting spiritual guidance through her consultations, seminars, radio and TV Appearances.

Available in Soft Cover for $19  and Signed Hardcover for $29

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