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Here you can register for Michele's upcoming Events.

Join internationally known psychic medium and author, Michele Livingston, as she takes you on a journey to the other side with her most popular book, Messages from Beyond: A Spiritual Guidebook. With more than 25 years of professional communication with the heavenly realms, Michele has gained a wealth of knowledge about spiritual concepts and our spiritual evolution. She is endorsed by world renowned evidential medium, James Van Praagh who called her a Trance Channel because of her ability to not only communicate with the departed, but actually bring through their distinct personalities.

During this event Michele will answer questions about the spirit world and give random readings to a few of the workshop attendees. These events provide an experience that will truly enhance your understanding of the other dimensions, and confirm that you are never alone. Book signing with following all events


You will receive no additional correspondence or tickets for these events. Just provide your name at check in for the event – we have a list of all prepaid attendees. If you have additional questions or concerns after registering, please call or email us at: 717-737-3888 or

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