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Echoes in the Wind: Vol. 1

Michele A. Livingston's book Echoes in the Wind - The Tribes of the Nation; Volume 1 the Lakota (Sioux) Nation is now available. This is the first in a series of channeled books on Native Americans by Michele. In this first volume, Michele talks with Chief Red Cloud and several of his contemporaries of the Lakota tribes from the American Northwest including Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, and Black Elk.

This project all began when, during a meditation in 1997, Red Cloud appeared to Michele and asked her to paint a picture in honor of the Lakota (Sioux) Nation. After providing her with details of the items he wanted her to include in the painting, Red Cloud proceeded to provide details of the Lakota culture and their invasion by the white man. It soon became evident to Michele that she was on her way to compiling material for a book on Native American culture and customs.


What wasn't immediately apparent to her was that this was not going to be a book on the Tribes of the Nation with several paintings (similar in concept to Visions from Mary) as she had first assumed. Instead it was going to be a series of books with each one devoted to a different Native American tribe!

Echoes, Volume 1 is nearly 100 pages of intriguing messages about Native American life, culture, rituals, and spirituality along with guidance for spiritual growth in the new millennium provided by the Lakota spokesmen (through Michele) in their own words. 

Included are their heart wrenching stories of painful encounters with the white man as he invaded the Lakota territories in the plains, along with the continued hardships they face today with their life on the reservations. A portion of the proceeds from each book sold will be donated to American Indian foundations and organizations.

Cost is $17.00 which includes shipping.
*(Shipping is only for within the Continental United States and does not cover International Costs.)

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