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Consultation Fee

Mind -Body - Soul Counseling by Jon*

(for an individual)


Mind-Body-Soul Counseling Service Provided By Jon Stroh, CHT

If you are dealing with health challenges such as emotional issues, fears, phobias and even certain medical conditions like food allergies and chronic illness, these issues may stem from past trauma and life experiences. The Kahuna of ancient Hawaii believe that chronic illness and other maladies (emotional, mental, spiritual and physical) are directly linked to unresolved relationship issues. In order to heal the body, mind, or soul, these relationship issues (that have not been fully addressed) must first be identified. Then, these issues must be cleared through unconditional love and forgiveness. Only then can the malady be permanently healed.

Additionally, many of the health issues we face have been recorded by our sub-conscious mind, and then reinforced through later experiences of a similar nature. There is now an exciting new hypnotic procedure to access your sub-conscious mind and help you release the negative effects of these memories. This realignment can help bring your mind and body to a healthier state of well-being. With this technique, even certain conditions that you have had since birth can often be addressed and improved or even released.

In his sessions Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) and Kahuna Counselor, Jon Stroh, acts as a facilitator to first identify the source of the issues and then proceed using these techniques to address and resolve these issues through meditative and/or hypnotic regressive counseling. This may (in some instances) lead to past life memories. Initial sessions are about 2 hours. He may then proceed with hands-on healing techniques to further facilitate the healing process. These sessions are done by Zoom.

Note: As with all healing, the “healer” is only a facilitator to empower the individual to heal himself or herself. No actual medical claims are made for this process.

To schedule, contact us at 717/737-3888 or e-mail to and include a phone number so we can confirm your desired appointment efficiently. You will be contacted as soon as possible (usually within 1 week) to schedule the requested session. When date and time have been established you will receive and email invoice for credit card or PayPal payment or instructed to mail a check or money order within 5 days to confirm your space. 


Note: We work on a first come basis. Receipt of your payment guarantees your appointment. If payment is not received by the agreed upon date, you may forfeit your appointment to another paid client. If this happens, you will need to reschedule your appointment to the next available date. 

Checks or Money Orders are to be made payable to Jon Stroh and mailed to:

Michele Livingston

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx and PayPal are also accepted.

*Cancellations fees DO apply for missed or cancelled appointments. ​

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